Bocchia caffè

Our History

In 1958 Tosello Bocchia opens a small but well-stocked grocery store in Genoa, buys a toasting machine and begins to create his own blends, experimenting and dedicating himself with passion to the quality of his coffees.

His son Franco shares his enthusiasm, supports him over the years and develops the business.

He opens 4 other stores, shifting attention to the Riviera di Levante, expanding the range of coffee and traveling a lot, in Italy and abroad, to find artisan products that go well with the new blends.

The result today is a company of more than 20 collaborators who have made the words '' quality, variety, courtesy '' the reason for customer satisfaction and their own.

In the large shops the atmosphere is warm and inviting, the display is colorful and greedy and the scent of freshly ground coffee envelops the customer and accompanies him on a path of sweetness, including chocolate, candies, pandolci, baci di dama, macaroons. , honeys, jams, teas, local artisan specialties and well-known quality brands such as Lindt, Caffarel, Baratti, Majani, you will also find elegant and original gift proposals.

But many years of experience could only lead to the creation of a line of Bocchia chocolates, including giandujotti with Piedmont IGP hazelnuts, hand-poured cuneesi with rum, riviera creams filled with citrus fruits, coffee cremino and finally the quadrotto : a thin chocolate, with a harmonious, sweet, but intense taste that is born, just like coffee blends, from the special fusion of a milk and a dark.

The roasting is now conducted by his wife Mariella and daughters Raffaella and Emanuela who continue the tradition of '' made in Italy '' roasting.